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Mar 18, 2013 4:00am PDT
that the government draw $2 billion from royalties that the government receives for offshore drilling. researchers would attempt to find new ways to lower the cost of cars that run on alternative fuel sources. a closely watched case involving the drug industry will be heard by the supreme court tomorrow. generic drugmakers could soon make it harder for consumers to sue for a drug's side effects. under federal law, generic and brand name drugs are required to have the same warning label. now, generics are attempting to decrease liability over any harmful effects. generic companies say the industry is unable to change the product due to those federal standards. a hidden affordable care act fee is popping up for u.s. employers. the $63 fee will apply to plans covering millions of americans in 2014. it applies to employers who take on workers' medical bills and some private plans sold by insurers. the fee will be smaller in 2015 and 2016. meanwhile, the aca is projected to help 30 million uninsured americans. hedge fund manager carl ichan is pumping up his position in herbalife. according to reports,
Mar 25, 2013 4:00am PDT
in the month ahead or so, the formation of the italian government, which is, i think, going to be very important for italy and for the eurozone going forward. aside from that, we have some regional fed manufacturing reports. and again, this is the end of the first quarter. we are up about 10% in the dow, and about 9% in the s&p. that is not a bad year this quarter i'd say. > what do you suspect will happen, because it is the end of the quarter here. will there be window dressing for instance? > > i think the window dressing part, that has always... the under-invested managers, the under-invested investors, if you will, are going to keep this, so my guess is we are probably going to go out on a top tick, if you will, for the end of the quarter. and then the second quarter, this is usually where the trouble starts. in this recent cycle off the lows the past several years, the second quarter has usually been the one where we have kind of topped out and backed off somewhat. so, i think we will have to our head out for that as we head into may. > where are some places where you would invest
Mar 22, 2013 4:00am PDT
on government oversight' says that when employees leave big banks for government service, those banks often provide those departing employees preferential financial treatment. the study says that "in exchange, the companies may end up with friends in high places." well, for now, a government shutdown has been averted in washington. the house has approved a temporary spending plan to fund the federal government until october. president obama is expected to sign the legislation soon. meanwhile, $85 billion in federal cuts continue to take effect. 1 million federal employees still face unpaid time off. also in washington, the house has approved representative paul ryan's controversial budget. through $4.6 trillion in spending cuts, the bill aims to balance the federal budget in ten years. it would repeal the affordable care act and turn medicare into a voucher program. house speaker john boehner said ryan's budget helps balance the federal budget. "the american people overwhelmingly support balancing our budget, a budget senate democrats are considering never balancing. that means more debt, f
Mar 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
financial hard-liners, but cypriots who think government-insured deposits aren't as safe as they thought may be followed by savers in spain or italy who fear the same fate and withdraw as much as they can. cyprus' parliment delayed a vote on the bailout terms, which may be modified. but it may be too late. some believe a lot of foreign money has already left cypress for dubai and singapore. jack lew arrives in china today as he starts his first international trip as treasury secretary. lew will meet with officials in new president jinping's administration and reportedly press them to crack down on cyber attacks aimed at the u.s. he is also expected to lobby about the value of china's currency. during his trip, lew will no doubt continue to keep a close eye on the situation in cyprus. the treasury department issued a statement saying lew has been speaking with his european counterparts. ratings agencies are facing harsh criticism in europe. a watchdog group revealed this week that ratings agencies have "shortcomings." those agencies, including fitch, standard & poors and moodys, have all been
Mar 21, 2013 4:00am PDT
, deutsche bank and u-b-s are being sued. this is the first government backed lawsuit of the libor scandal. meanwhile, fannie mae says its "weighing the possibility of a lawsuit." in france-- police searched the home of imf chief christine lagarde. investigators poked around lagarde's paris apartment for clues about her role in compensation paid to a french business man reports say lagarde is accused of giving him preferential treatment in deal/ she denies any wrongdoing. solar panel company suntech has declared bankruptcy. after defaulting on a large payment to bondholders, banks have pushed the company into bankruptcy court. a glut of competition in the solar panel industry hurt prices, and contributed to the companies' collapse. its stock currently trades near 59 cents. among stocks sensitive to what's going on with the economy... fed ex shares hit a road block with investors-- falling-- more than 7 dollars yesterday.. after the company revealing profits fell 30% last quarter wtih weakness in asia. the company also pulled back on its full year forecast. shares of caterillar lost mor
Mar 20, 2013 4:00am PDT
will at least vote to avert a government shutdown. when it comes to infrastructure, america gets a d+. the american society of civil engineers gives the nation low marks, warning roads, dams, waste systems and especially levees are all in need of massive upgrades. it's predicted the u.s. will need to spend $3.6 trillion on upgrades by 2020. currently, federal funding has only allotted $1.6 trillion. perpetually crowded new york city is getting even more so. for the first time since 1950, more people are moving into the city than leaving it. its population is now estimated at more than 8 million people, an all-time high. it's a trend that new york real estate pro anthony lolli says could be a buy signal for home shoppers. "the question you want to ask yourself is, is a property going to be worth more money in two years? and the answer to that is 'yes,' so it is a good time to buy." all five of the city's boroughs have increased in population. the gettin's good if you're a farmer selling your land. farmland prices are soaring to record levels. in nebraska, the price for irrigated land
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6